Wednesday, 25 March 2015


Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full project?

At the beginning of my course, I was very anxious to do this project as it seemed like a lot to do and I was unsure how to do them; like working a camera for example or using final cut pro - it was all very new to me. Even though I was the main cinematographer I was unsure how to operate the camera properly. However thanks to this project I feel as though I can say I am extremely confident in using both of these forms of technology which is a skill I am proud to say I have.

I was also anxious to work as a three, me and Sophie were originally going to work in a pair considering we are close friends, until Julia wanted to join as she didn't want to work by herself. Eventhough our project is now finished I felt lack of communication was a common theme throughout the project with Julia. However, most problems we had got resolved and overall I think I have learned that I will be working by myself or with people I know are going to put in the same amount of effort next time.
  • I have learned thanks to my research; the generic codes and conventions of a title sequence.
  • That planning is very important when it comes to making a title sequence and filming
  • Take into consideration  who you choose to work with
  • How to operate and camera and how to use final cut pro
 I think that the title sequence me, Sophie and Julia made was very successful and conveyed everything we wanted it too very well. I can say that the process of making this project was stressful but educational and exciting.

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